Geospatial @ UCLA's two-course specialization in digital cartography teaches participants how to effectively communicate using maps and geographic information.  This specialization is ideal for anyone with basic GIS familiarity who wants to learn best practices for creating publication-quality… Read more


Geospatial @ UCLA's new specialization in Remote Sensing and Image Analysis teaches participants how to apply GIS image analysis techniques to data retrieved using remote sensors, including satellite and aerial imaging platforms. Remote sensing and image analysis methods are useful for anyone… Read more
UCLA Extension's GIS and Geospatial Technology Certificate Program, created in partnership with the UCLA Department of Geography, is an entry-level program designed to help students with little to no formal GIS training or work experience develop the skills necessary to either integrate GIS into an… Read more


Geospatial @ UCLA's new specialization in Web Mapping teaches participants how to construct sophisticated interactive Web maps using both existing Web mapping platforms and custom programming solutions involving the use of industry-standard open source Web mapping libraries. This specialization is… Read more