Geospatial @ UCLA offers a series of free non-credit tutorials that are designed to be concise, modular, highly pragmatic and asynchronous, meaning that you can take them at any time, according to your schedule. Click on a tutorial to enroll.  If you are enrolling for the first time, you will need to create a Geospatial @ UCLA e-learning account.

Geocoding:  Locating Addresses Geographically

geocoding-banner This short course provides an overview of the process of geocoding addresses -- the process of identifying the geographic location of addresses in space. The course begins with an overview of how geocoding works, and surveys a variety of free and/or inexpensive tools and services that can be used to geocode lists of addresses. Special attention is given to the use of Geospatial @ UCLA's batch geocoding service, which can be used for geocoding individual addresses and address lists within QGIS.

Embedding Maps for the Web 

embed-banner This short course introduces several common methods for embedding interactive maps in to Web sites and blogs.  The course begins with a brief overview of interactive Web-based mapping and its foundations, and then proceeds to introduce several techniques and tools that are useful for embedding maps in to Web sites, including (1) integration of static maps, (2) creation and embedding of interactive reference maps using the Google Maps Embed API, and (3) embedding of interactive thematic maps created using Google's My Maps, a Web-based map development platform.  The course concludes by discussing issues related to embedding externally hosted Web content.

Installing QGIS

qgis-install QGIS is the leading free and open source (FOSS) desktop GIS software package.  This brief free course introduces QGIS and provides an overview of the process of installing QGIS for Mac and Windows users.