Web Mapping Specialization

Geospatial @ UCLA's new specialization in Web Mapping teaches participants how to construct sophisticated interactive Web maps using both existing Web mapping platforms and custom programming solutions involving the use of industry-standard open source Web mapping libraries.  This specialization is ideal for anyone with an intermediate level of GIS experience who wants to learn how to create custom Web mapping solutions using Web programming techniques.

UCLA Extension’s specialization in Web mapping provides an introduction to the technologies and techniques that support the growing field of interactive Web-based cartography.  In recent years Web mapping has emerged as a core methodology within data journalism, and more cartographers than ever before are turning to interactive Web maps to communicate with their audiences.  The overarching objective of this specialization is to introduce students to the theory and concepts underlying this rapidly growing field and provide students with hands-on training in Web map design, development, and programming.  Students learn to develop sophisticated interactive Web maps and applications both by using existing Web mapping platforms and also by coding custom Web maps integrating HTML, CSS, the JavaScript programming language, and Web mapping code libraries including Leaflet and Mapbox GL.  Upon completion of this specialization, students will (1) understand fundamental concepts associated with Web mapping and Web technology, (2) know how to use industry-standard Web map development platforms to quickly build professional-quality interactive maps, and (3) possess essential knowledge related to Web map programming that can serve as a foundation for additional study.

Learning Objectives

Participants who compete the Web Mapping Specialization will learn:

  • Development of interactive Web maps and mapping applications using popular Web mapping platforms, including ArcGIS Online and Mapbox;
  • Fundamentals of JavaScript programming and Web markup (HTML/CSS);
  • Building custom Web maps using a coding-based approach, integrating industry-standard mapping tools including Leaflet.

Required Courses