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How big is an acre?

As wildfires rage across Southern California, news media regularly report the sizes of the largest and most damaging fires in the region using acres as the unit of measurement.  But exactly how big is an acre?  While listening to the ongoing coverage of this current wave of fires, we at Geospatial @ UCLA became curious about how well people understand units of area -- specifically, to what accuracy can people who are constantly exposed to land areas expressed in acres actually identify an acre of land?

What are the prospects for employment in GIS and related industries?

Current and prospective GIS students regularly inquire about prospects for employment in the geospatial technology industry and in related fields where GIS is useful. Fortunately for GIS job seekers, many projections from government agencies and market research firms alike point toward considerable growth of the geospatial technology industry as well as growth in GIS-related employment sectors and fields. The U.S.

Working with File Geodatabases (.gdb) using QGIS and GDAL

Despite the widely held misconception that file geodatabases (.gdb) can only be read and edited using tools within Esri's ArcGIS platform, recent versions of GDAL (and, therefore, GDAL-utilizing applications like QGIS) are capable of efficiently reading and extracting information from file geodatabases.  The file geodatabase format has emerged as a very common format for storing and exchanging spatial data, particularly considering that it allows for the storage of multiple data layers, and that it allows for the storage of data layers that exceed the limits of other specifications.